Nina Frühbeißer

Publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language.
Subtitler for German and English.
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I offer general and specialist translations from English into German and from German into English. The following topics are amongst my specialist subjects:

legal texts

I am happy to offer certified translations of official and private documents, as well.


Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading means correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your text as well as checking the formalities and the content. Editing includes correcting the language and style of your text.



When post-editing your text I review and edit a machine-made translation in order to eliminate mistakes and to optimise the text.



Professional subtitles help your video to become available internationally and for people with hearing problems in a rapid and cost-effective way. There are several possibilities for your subtitles, which you can chose according to your demands:

  • Translation of spotted subtitles
  • Creation of completely new subtitles incl. translation into German or English
  • Transcription
About me

Nina Frühbeißer

Certified Translator for English

Student B. A. Translation

Foreign Language Correspondent for English and Spanish

Member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) Bavaria

During my time at school, I loved languages and soon realized that I wanted to make this affection part of my job.

After training to become a foreign language correspondent for English and Spanish, I decided to study translation at the Institute for Foreign Languages (Institut für Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde) in Erlangen, Germany, with English as my main language and Spanish as my second. During that time, I had the possibility to look into several areas. I learnt about subtitling in a class at the institute and was immediately fascinated by it. In a workshop from Subtitling Academy by Veronika Malaja, I learnt about the respective skills and I am very much looking forward to testing those skills in the field.

Whilst working as an independent tutor and language course trainer, I soon realized that I also wanted to work independently as a translator and subtitler, which is why I am taking this step now right after graduating. Initially, I will be working as a part-time translator and subtitler since I am also taking classes to attain my BA degree.

About me


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Translations are only done in written form, whereas interpreting is done orally.

I myself work only as a translator, however I am happy to help you contact my colleagues who are working as interpreters.

Speaking English does not qualify you as a translator.

Even though English in particular is taught quite early in Germany and many people do leave school with very good English skills, translating is not as easy as it may seem. It needs much more than just good skills in your source and target language. During a translation studies course, we learn about the difficulties of our language and also about the techniques and troubles of translating. We learn how to deal with intercultural differences, linguistic jokes, technical terms and much more. Have a go yourself and try to translate an article into English or German. Is it as easy as you thought it was?

Although the skills of computers and AIs are indeed well advanced in this field, they cannot replace a human translator. These translation programs only show words and data, which were entered someday, and put them together into a text. Sometimes this might work quite well, but have a closer look at the sentence structure, the technical content and the coherence of the translation. That is where these programs are quickly overburdened and make serious mistakes, especially with technical texts.

Public and private documents can be certified by a translator after translating them. In Germany, this is only possible if the translator has been sworn in before the respective federal regional court. Since only translators or interpreters who have finished special training are allowed to be sworn in, you can be sure to be working with a professional and trained translator or interpreter.

I am happy to offer certified translations of official and private documents, as well. Do not hesitate to contact me.

It is quite difficult to answer this question. Several factors play a role when calculating the price of a translation or subtitles, including the length of the text, the difficulty level, the topic and more. Please send me your text or video and I will write you a nonbinding offer according to your requirements.

I did my training and studied with English as my main language and Spanish as my second language, however I only work with English. Should you need a translator or interpreter for another language, you can search for colleagues working with other languages and topics on the database of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators ( In case you prefer a personal recommendation, please write me a message and I am happy to help you contact my colleagues.

Do you still have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact me and I would love to help you personally!

Nina Frühbeißer
Schobertweg 3
91056 Erlangen

Tel +49 (0)156 79247617 (only available via call and WhatsApp)

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